HTC’s Android powered G1: work in progress

The Google Phone has landed. It’s the HTC G1 and it’s supposed to kick Windows Mobile’s and iPhone’s ass in one fell swoop with its open source operating system and physical keyboard. Or something. Maybe not. The interwebs already start dismantling Google’s own god phone:

– no desktop syncing (everything gets synced with Google’s cloud thingies)
– no video playback except stuff on YouTube (developers should be adding this stuff apparently)
– no multitouch (this is a G1 specific hardware problem)
– no integrated storage (takes micro SD cards and comes with a mediocre 1GB micro SD card)
– no Exchange support (that’s something for the suits, no need to bother my consumer mind about it)
– no audio jack (that’s right people, you have to use a miniUSB adapted dongle to hookup your headphones to this thing, but it’s okay because…)
– the music playback interface is horrendous (so you probably won’t feel like listening to music anyway)

And there’s more…

Android looks like a mess right now, with missing bits, reliance on developers to bring features that really should have been in there from the start, a future app store that seems rather open to malware developers. Even though Apple is going overboard with their control of the apps these days, I’d rather have some certainty that my personal info is safe, thank you.

And this is only when only one device is on the market. Imagine what will happen when dozens of handsets will start popping out with their myriads of feature variations.

The G1 is supposed to be a consumer device, and it’s supposed to be at least on par with the iPhone. But considering all these flaws makes me wonder if it’s even fit for a consumer device, as it looks more like a hacker’s play toy right now.

Sure, the iPhone had its fair share of flaws when it was launched, but even then it was ahead of today’s G1 when it comes to polish and being ready to go. This is not the way to launch an iPhone alternative.


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