Canon 5D Mark II: Jelly? No thanks.

Vincent Laforet:

“This camera is the ultimate “equalizer” – you no longer need half-million dollar’s worth of high definition video cameras and lenses delivered by a truck with its own driver to shoot a high definition film in low light – you just need a $2,700 camera and a few lenses – and talented and dedicated friends that you can call on last minute at the drop of a hat.

Everyone has been waiting for the video camera that can also take stills… here’s a still camera that can shoot stunning video.”

And it doesn’t have the “jelly motion” when panning, like the Nikon D90.

Canon sure had some shrewd timing for launching this camera, right after Nikon was done with the launching of the D90 and the D700 (and I bet they were feeling pretty proud of themselves just a few days ago). Nikon’s been poking them with a stick and look what happened: they opened a can of techno-whoop-ass in the shape of the 5D MkII.

What Canon is doing is putting an amazing video camera in the hands of photographers and a stunning photo camera in the hands of videographers, they are blurring a line that was once very clearly drawn between video and photo equipment. The fact that they are actually producing quite nice video cameras while Nikon has no prior experience in this field might make a difference.

Now head on to Vincent’s blog and read the whole thing, the camera is simply… impressive.


3 responses to “Canon 5D Mark II: Jelly? No thanks.

  1. no jelly? are you kidding me. it has plenty of rolling shutter induced jello. Unless you pan slow or tripod mount it, the jello artifact will run any shot. If the d90 has a 8 jello factor, the canon has a 7.5. better yes, but spoils the video just the same. 🙂 sorry but maybe the 5D m III will fix it.

  2. D700 is still better, but for the video part: LSE is correct, jello is still there, so including a video before you can properly tame it, is just nonsense. Or maybe a marketing trick. Anyway, I don’t know why somebody doesn’t put sCMOS with global shutter in these dSLRs.

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