Let’s rock, the world is ending

Everybody is busy talking about two things these days:

1. The world didn’t end yesterday (Phew!)

2. The disappointment of Apple’s “Let’s rock” event

Not much of a surprise regarding point 1, however, for the “are we still here?” constant questioners here’s a big helping hand.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s dive into point 2.

There’s been lots of panties being caught into a knot because of the anticlimatic and downright disappointing nature of the event. The “only” thing Apple did was to update their entire iPod line and put out a new iTunes version. You know, like they usually do around this time of the year. At their iPod event. In which they update the iPod line. De facto non-Mac related. As in don’t expect anything new from the Mac division.

Some may argue that the new iTunes shouldn’t have been a full point version, but can you imagine Steve Jobs announcing “We’ve got a new iTunes version: iTunes 7.8”? After all they did add some features in there: Genius (to help you BUY BUY BUY, while also getting some nice info on people’s listening habits – anonymously of course), a new visualizer and HD TV shows (although that’s more of a Store update). And probably bug fixes and under the hood improvements.

So it looks like the iPod classic actually got a downgrade as they killed the 160GB version, this must be the last year that “grandpa” iPod will ever see any updates, if not it’s last year, period.

While the fact that the new nano looks like the Zune is debatable, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a completely new nano, with a new form factor, new features (accelerometer, improved UI, voice recording) and a quite amazing choice of colors. And it’s no longer FAT. Personally I think the new format is much much better than the previous one (the iPod mini still remains the best looking iPod ever), although I’m not sure about its oval cross section, must see it in person.

And then there’s the new iPod touch, with a new design (a la 1st gen iPhone), integrated speakers and volume buttons. And brand new software 2.1. And they built in Nike + iPod so all you need is the shoe transmitter. And a demo of its prowess as a portable gaming platform.

Last year’s Apple September event brought us: introduction of the iPod touch, new iPod nano (dubbed fatty), new iPod classic and iPod shuffle, and new features in iTunes.

Pretty much like this year.

What really didn’t help the situation was Apple’s PR department, which insisted that this year is special, and that the press shouldn’t miss the event, which corroborated with the now trademark secrecy and more security people than usual, practically guaranteed a huge level of hype. And then they delivered the standard iPod line update, with no additions (just a subtraction actually). Maybe they wanted to show off the new and improved (now thinner) Steve Jobs. Maybe there was more stuff down the pipe but it got cancelled at the last minute.

Whatever it was, the event was not more special than what happened last year, nor less special, and that’s where expectations failed to be met.


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