Random thoughts on television’s current state of affairs

I like to think that we live interesting times (technologically speaking, politically… I have no idea, maybe not, politicians are always the same right?). However, people from the 50s probably thought the same thing about their timeframe. Watching their black and white boob tubes in awe. Then colour television knocked their socks off.

It’s nice this feeling, nice and comfortable. That you are at an apex of technology. Almost as if everything that could have been invented has been invented. And then something new comes along and blows your mind. Now THIS feeling is even better.

And like the people in the 50s that got their sock knocked off by colour TV, I wonder what will knock off my socks these days? HD TV is not cutting it… seems just like a normal extension to bigger screens. Although people do say that once you go HD…

Maybe I’m biased because I just don’t watch TV anymore. I began to feel disconnected from this paradigm of having a viewing schedule, every show having a certain airing time. I use the Internet to catch up on the news, and I use the Internet to view the shows I like when I feel like it. Prime time is an antiquated concept to me. Once one gets the taste of watching a TV show at one’s convenience, one just can’t follow the TV schedule anymore.

I’m not advocating video on demand. That to me is a failed experiment. What I’m looking for is probably something entirely different from television as I know it. But I have no idea what I’m looking for. So I am simply displeased with the current state of affairs. A whiner. Boo hoo me.

Sometimes I like to just turn on the TV and dive in the mindless whatever is on. But that is not entertainment, that’s just time wasting, something I do when I can’t sleep and just need something to numb me off. Far from being in awe, huh?

I want my socks knocked off by a delivery mechanism. That to me is the problem of modern television. TV guides. Channel flipping. Infomercials. Waiting for a show to start. That’s why I stopped watching. I’m simply too busy. Maybe insomnia is the salvation of modern television.


3 responses to “Random thoughts on television’s current state of affairs

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  2. One word: DVR. T.V. when you want to watch it. It’s changed our lives.

  3. @forkboy: oh crap, haven’t thought about those. But you still have to know the airing times in order to program the thing, so you’re kind of still stuck to the TV schedule.

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