Feeling out of touch

There is a certain disturbing disconnect between the promise of the iPod touch software update 2.0.2 and the actual behavior of the iPod post update.

Let’s see, since the update lacked any info beyond “bug fixes”, I relied on the blogosphere’s reports, which summarized much faster back up, faster application loading and better performance overall. Oh blogosphere how you failed me.

My iPod touch now takes almost a full hour to back up (up from about 20-30 minutes before the update) and that, in my book, is not even close to much faster, quite the contrary. There is also a change in the way the App Store updates the apps on the device, it no longer offers the option to install all updates at once, so yesterday I was faced with 5 updates that I had to install by picking one at a time. And they installed very very very slowly, in which time the iPod was almost unusable.

I was a shore under the waves of frustration as I held the device, staring into the activity void that was its screen. Wishing it had at least something similar to Mac OSX’s spinning beach ball of death (or even that dreaded Windows hourglass) to show that its own private matters were more important that its owner’s.

Does it show that I’m pissed? Good, because I am. This is after the replacement iPod having one of those blue tint screens that makes me feel a taste of metal in my mouth AND annoy my vision with poor grey on white rendering at the same time.

AAAND the alarm clock on the iPod STILL doesn’t wake it up to a music playlist.

There, now that I got it all out of my system, I am feeling somewhat better. Vindicated you might say. Although it’s that kind of “NO, you are stupid, so… so… THERE!” vindication that doesn’t solve anything really.

Now isn’t this a “refreshing” change of style from this.


One response to “Feeling out of touch

  1. You can stop the ipod from backing up with this program:


    And it might help for some other things.

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