Yes, again

Yes, I just can’t let this go. Sorry.

I installed the new Front Row today. The old one just doesn’t play well with Leopard (every once in a while it goes into ‘A problem has occurred’ mode and I have to manually kill its process) and from the very first moments I wanted the old version back.

Let’s say I’m willing to accept the whole music stopping (x2) thing. OK. The new one does have better stuff in it (descriptions for the items, scrolling titles and other small details like these*). But there are some small details* that I find annoying (yes, more details*).

Nitpicking of tiny details* that probably no one else notices or is bothered about starts here:

– if the screensaver activates while FR is on, when you press any key on the remote to deactivate it (the screensaver), the desktop is shown for a brief period, and then the FR interface appears – UGH

– when you sleep the computer from the remote (which I often do) while FR is on (which it often is), the little remote with Zs does not appear (somehow FR is on the topmost layer of the interface), and you can’t really tell if the computer acknowledged your request to catch some ZsYes. 

Yes, I’m weird this way. One day I’ll learn to live with it and let this go. But this day is not the one.

*I guess you noticed that I’m all about the details baby. 


One response to “Yes, again

  1. I’m with you. I think the interface took a big step backward with this release. (What’s with the fading in and out every time an option gets chosen from a menu?)

    What annoys me the most (and didn’t make it on your list) is that movies not stored in iTunes cannot be resumed. With the old version, I had movies in my Movies folder organized in a manner that made sense to me, instead of the iTunes-default of alphabetically. I had subfolders and everything. And it was glorious.

    The new version doesn’t support resuming those files.

    I use a Mac mini in a classroom to present films to my students. I used QTPro to make a reference movie for each class period I had that was watching a particular film. Put those reference movies in the right folder, and Front Row would resume each class right where they left off, and I never had to worry about it.

    Now, it seems I have to go alphabetically through all my films (a big distraction if kids see the whole list and want to watch something else), and I’d have to make duplicate copies of the movies to resume by class period. Generally annoying, if you ask me. Funny how an upgrade can take something simple, clean, and efficient and make it awkward, frustrating, and needlessly complex.

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