All’s well when updates well

Bit the bullet today and installed the much feared Graphics Update 1.0 for Leopard. In case you don’t know about this update, it is responsible for symptoms ranging from blue screens right from the boot (time to break out the Leopard Install DVDs baby) to erratic display behavior and WindowServer lockups (time to break out the Time Machine drive and revert baby).

Your reputation precedes you Graphics Update, I muttered clicking on the checkbox to have it installed. Fortunately it installed fine, and WindowServer doesn’t seem to act up.Now, I usually don’t install problematic updates. However, I did my homework and found the following facts on various forums: the update affects mostly the Macs with the Intel “display adapter” GMA and ATI cards. nVidia doesn’t seem to have any issues. Being an nVidia owner (not that it was a choice, the MacBook Pro came with it), I thought I have a pretty good chance to make it with my Leopard Install DVDs still in the sleeves by the end of the day.

Regardless of the update’s bad rap with GMA and ATI users, it seems to have a slight effect on the interface snappiness and it’s right there with Tiger now (not that it was sluggish before, but I felt it was a bit behind Tiger). Actually, I think it’s better than Tiger now. And the Internets have it that WoW performance is dramatically increased (the WoW is NoW! tee hee*). I don’t play that WoW thing, so can’t vouch for it. I guess it has something to do with OpenGL being optimized. Or something. 

*sorry, couldn’t help myself, must be that Graphics Update high


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