Shadows of the Sun

Today I was going through my music library, and towards the end of the list there it was… what I was looking all along: Ulver. I double clicked “Porn piece or the scars of cold kisses” with a trembling mouse pointer. It has been so long since I played this album… And as I was laid back deeply immersed in the sound emerging from my headphones, with my amazing ability to multi-task I began wondering what Ulver was up to these days. Only one way to find out: Google. I put the chair in upright position and googled Ulver. “The Future Sound of Music” was now playing, which amazingly disrupted my amazing ability to multi-task. This track demands my full attention, the complete dedication of my senses. Once the track released me from its wonderful capture, I was able to look at the results.

What do you know? They were up to something: Shadows of the Sun – the iTunes 30sec track previews convinced me to get this album and have a nice thorough and extensive listening session, like any great album deserves.


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