One more thing about the touch

On the iPod mini when listening to a podcast, by pressing the click wheel center would cycle through volume, scrubber and finally info about the podcast (a little text description) – and I assume that all clickwheel iPods do this. The iPod touch while having all the other controls, as in volume and scrubber (and here’s a related note about scrubbing on the iPod touch*), seems to lack the info feature… First the alarm clock thing and now this? What’s next? Not being able to quickly play music in shuffle mode?

Oh… about that last thing…

You can’t quickly turn the iPod on then hitting one button and have it shuffle through the entire music library (like you can on the other iPods by placing a “Shuffle” item in the main menu)… Okay, I admit it, this is a bit stretched, but I do miss this shortcut, as I just want to quickly take out the device and play some music, any music. Instead I have to unlock, navigate to music from wherever it was last left, and then go to Songs**, and then hit Shuffle. Hmm… now that I see it written down it doesn’t seem all that bad…

Luckily the touch is really keeping me happy with its other nifty features, so it’s not in any danger of being thrown on the floor in a frustration fit, however finding these small annoyances can slowly erode the (warning: all caps following) OMG THIS IS AWESOME (you have been warned) feeling.

* Okay, so that is about scrubbing on the iPhone, but the iPod software is identical so… OK? Thanks, I knew you’d understand.

**This becomes more complicated if you don’t have the Songs shortcut on the bottom. In this case the procedure adds two more steps: select More, select Songs. See? I like to reserve the fourth spot on the shortcuts to podcasts, so for me it does add these two more steps. There, is it legitimate enough for you now? Thank you.


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