I want my musical mornings back!

I recently decided that my aging (but still very much alive and kicking) iPod mini could use a retirement, so I decided to stretch for the brand spanking new iPod touch. And so I did.

I’ll spare you the over talked about details regarding how wonderful the device is, about the moments of awe in front of how the interface reacts and operates, and how much care and attention to detail went into the software, and jump right to my problem with the brand spanking new iPod touch: the alarm clock.

Why Apple, why? I remember a time not long ago when I used to have such a wonderful time with my iPod mini in the morning… I would be sleeping, while the mini would be connected to the sound system, waiting for the right time to come alive and wake me up to sweet sound of music.

And where are we now? After an extensive playing with the touch, I decided it was time for it to start learning the ways of being one of my possessions, by choosing a waking up playlist. The shock, the horror, the amazement. The touch cannot wake up to music! Unless you consider 2 second sequences of beeps music, that is. Because if you do consider them music, well, then technically yes, it can wake up to music (but which is by no means sweet). So in order to make things as clear as possible: the iPod touch cannot wake up to music that is stored on it (you know, your music), it can only use a few very short very inaudible series of beeps. The shock. The horror. The shock.

Oh the sadness… I have my fingers crossed on a fix for this in a future update, and since 1.1.2 did not provide it, here’s hoping for 1.1.3.

And this is why my mornings go like this: the iPod touch does its 2 sec whisper alarm, which does nothing for me so I go on sleeping. Then my backup alarm goes off a few minutes later, which does something for me, because it is similar to trying to sleep in a parking lot full of cars with their alarms* going off at the same time. So I wake up half sleeping to find the touch devilishly asking me if I wish to snooze. I say no with my finger, and then proceed to start the music manually. Oh the horror…

*yes, that type of alarm that cycles through quite a selection of ‘themes’, that would be the best comparison. Or maybe it’s just me and me not being a morning person, so whatever disturbs my sleep gets automatically upgraded to grotesque proportions. Still, the iPod touch’s chirping does nothing for me, nothing. It’s as if it never even happens.


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